Specialists in the management of procedural strategies of litigation, judicial and extrajudicial.

At Larios Tres Legal we follow a policy of continuous reinvestment, which means we use the latest IT and management systems. Thanks to this, we maintain maximum efficiency on a daily basis, comply with time management objectives and minimize costs so that extra expense is not passed on to our clients.

The main focus of our professional background has been in the areas of Civil Property and Commercial Law, and we have extensive experience in Urban Planning and Real Estate Law as well as Economic Criminal Law.

we understand the value of effort, perseverance and conscientious work. None of the examples of success in our portfolio would have reached their satisfactory conclusion without these vital ingredients.

We also believe in the importance of team work and that integrating knowledge and skills are the key to achieving objectives.

Our greatest satisfaction, in addition to reaching project milestones, is to see how cases develop from the moment they reach our offices and evolve to meet the expectations and projected results of our clients.

We are the firm of choice for our clients, within a sector chosen by ourselves.

Larios Tres Legal S.L.P. came into being as an independent division of legal professionals from our parent company, Larios Tres Consultores S.L., in response to an exhaustive market study of the sector and years of experience acting as consultants and providing legal advice for investments in both Spanish and foreign real estate and business sectors.

Our experience and dedication to the investment sector during the economic developments of recent years have facilitated our constant adaptation and our ability to provide solutions for each business operation, in accordance with the individual needs and demands of our clients, throughout the differing economic cycles that our country has undergone since Larios Tres Consultores was set up in 2005.

From its earliest days to the present, our company has successfully closed the majority of its real estate and corporate operations on the Costa del Sol.

We strive to give our clients – small and medium enterprises – the peace and convenience of being able to rely on an excellent legal firm, so that they can outsource any type of legal problem in the knowledge that they are paying the most competitive rates in the sector.

Harper's Shield, guarantee of quality and excellence for our customers

Our main area of influence covers the vector Malaga- Madrid

Our head office is in the centre of Malaga city, between Marqués de Larios Street and the Plaza de la Marina, and from here we cover our clients’ interests throughout  all Spain and Portugal. We work with many partners (UK, France, Sweden, Norway and Denmark).

We work with a number of professional colleagues: attorneys highly specialised in other areas of law, accountants, architects, professional experts, private detectives, psychoanalysts, etc., in order to offer our clients every possible support for any type of legal proceedings, in- or out-of-court, when it comes to documentary evidence, analysis of the opposing party’s strengths and weaknesses or negotiation to avoid, whenever possible, going to trial.

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