International Law

In our area of ​​international law, we give advice to expat clients and foreign colleague lawyers who come to Spain and need advise from expert professionals with whom they can communicate in: English, Italian, French, or Swedish.

Spain is one of the countries of the European Union that receives more citizens and foreign companies. Our obsession is to make your experience in our country and the success in your business activity developed in the most satisfactory and efficient way possible.

The most common services in this area are:

Inmigration law

Work permit; Residence permit; Residence for Highly Qualified Professionals; Golden Visa; Permanent Residence; Residence Permit for Family Members; EU Residence Permit; Social Integration Residence Permit; Spanish General Nationality; Spanish Citizenship; Tourist Visa;  Temporary Residence Visa; Permanente Residence visa; Special Regime Visa for Artist; Special Regime Visa for Athletes

Golden Visa & Residence Permit for Investors

We offer many benefits to all customers who are looking to obtain their Golden Visa in Spain.   “Golden Visa” is the common name used for those investors who intend to obtain a visa and / or residence permit for themselves and their families, by investing a minimum amount of € 500,000 (*consult us all requirements) when availing themselves of the benefits granted by the 14/2013 Spanish Act. In such a way that they speed up, simplify and shorten the deadlines in order to obtaining them. Our lawyers with years of experience on real estate law and all kind of investment, provide a great capability in this competitive market. We are proud to have a highly skilled, dedicated English speaking team with a vast knowledge of the Golden Visa.

International trade

International Sale of Goods and Services; Import and export of goods, INCOTERMS; UNIDROIT Principles; Legal Requirement for Trade  and Custom Services.

Family Law

Divorce; Child Custody; Prenuptial Agreements; Financial and Property Issues; Separation; Domestic Violence; International Child Abduction; inheritances and heritage management.

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