Commercial & Corporate Law

Over the years, we have carried out a large number of real estate and corporate transactions in our areas of influence. We have also successfully managed the bankruptcy administration of companies in various sectors.

Therefore, the advice to individual partners or administrative bodies is part of our usual activity, becoming the Firm selected by the most demanding corporates, associations or start-ups.

The most common services in this area are:

General Corporate Law and Commercial Contracts

Legal advice to companies and individuals in all types of business, financial and commercial transactions. Contractual law and hiring process in all areas. Constitution and advice to franchises and master-franchises. Constitution and acquisition of companies. Statutes reforms, Council Secretariats and General Meetings. Corporate restructuring, capital increases and reductions. Duties and responsibility of administrators, agreements between partners or para-social.

Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Bankruptcy proceedings, debt insinuation, communication and protection of bankruptcy credits, corporate and group restructuring, debt refinancing and restructuring, structuring of guarantee packages, transfer in payments and debt capitalization, application of “the second chance Act.”

Competition Law

Control of economic concentrations, restrictive practices of competition and abuse of dominant position, infringement procedures before competition authorities, compliance programs on fix prices or carve up markets among themselves, practices of unfair competition. Advise and due diligences in mergers if doing so would put them in a position to control the market

Maritime Law

Operations related to the acquisition and operation of ships, navigation, administrative and regulatory accidents, tourism law and maritime fishing.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

General advice on the legal regime of copyright and related rights. Hiring of contents. Legal defense in proceedings for infringement of intellectual property rights. Advice on the right to honor, privacy and self-image. Litigation, pre-litigation and commercial advice on Industrial Property rights.

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