Setup and liquidation of companies, sale of NewCo (“sociedad express”) start-ups, to quickly and easily launch your new business from the very first moment. 

A NewCo is a newly established company with a broadly defined corporate purpose, ready to be acquired and start business activities: for urgent transactions where every passing minute means a lost market opportunity or a loss of value.

Review and drafting of commercial contracts and other documents. The most frequent documents are:

  • Contract of sale.
  • Supply contract.
  • Commission agreements.
  • Mediation agreements.
  • Concession agreements.
  • Agency agreements.
  • Joint venture agreements.
  • Factoring contract.
  • Lease agreements.
  • Rental agreements.
  • Reverse factoring agreements.
  • Forfaiting agreements.
  • Exclusive right-to-sell listing agreement.
  • Contracts of carriage.
  • Service contracts, etc.