Prevention is better than a cure

In this department, we focus on prevention: advising our clients in their undertakings so that they do not commit acts or omissions that may incur criminal liability in compliance with currently prevailing legislation.

We place special emphasis on internal CPPs (Crime Prevention Programmes) in order to minimise the risk of crime in the sphere of business and the company.

Legal Defence

Our main mission in this area is to prepare a technical legal study with the objective of, whenever possible, trying to close proceedings at the pre-trial examining phase, thus ensuring our client’s image is prejudiced as little as possible.

We undertake legal defence both of clients undergoing investigation as suspects for an alleged crime and of defendants or accused parties from the start to the conclusion of proceedings.

1º Arraignment 20%
2º Re-trial examination 40%
3º Trial 60%
4º Enforcement of sentence 80%
5º Expunging criminal records 100%


We defend your rights and property against any potential type of crime. We prepare a technical legal study, offer a full advice service for drafting and reviewing crime reports for submission (for which the intervention of an attorney or legal counsel is not obligatory), file lawsuits (for which the technical legal intervention of an attorney or legal counsel is necessary) and, of course, closely follow the development of a case during hearings, acting alongside the district attorney to obtain justice for our client.