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We are a firm of lawyers specializing in the management of procedural disputes and litigation strategies in all aspects of law. Our main goal is judicial or extrajudicial satisfaction of the interests of our clients. Our concept is based on always apply in our case the minimal cost in time and resources in order to  get as much effect over our previously planned objectives as we can. All this is managed through detailed knowledge of the judicial map of our points of influence on the one hand, and secondly of the practical secrets of procedural framework in each jurisdiction. Which we can only be achieved through the full commitment of all our lawyers, researchers, psychologists and collaborators, which whom we demand the highest standards of rigor and continuous updating on the substance and form.


Who we are


We are a firm of lawyers specializing in the management of procedural strategies and litigation in civil, commercial matters – corporate and criminal



The foundations of our ethos are

At Larios Tres Legal, we work freely and independently; our perspective is to render our services in the spirit of free and fair competition, giving advice and defending private rights and interests using the technical application of legal knowledge to achieve agreement, the effective implementation of basic rights & liberties, and Justice.
We want each client to understand their real situation in each case. Our objective is to achieve free-flowing, understandable communication and to eliminate doubt.
We believe it is important for clients to be able to defend themselves. This is why we inform and guide our clients so that they can protect themselves as far as possible against situations that, on most occasions due to lack of knowledge, would never have arisen had they been prepared.Likewise, at no extra cost, we provide our clients with constantly updated guidelines about different subjects.
We maintain an exhaustive control of time management, which contributes to our efficiency.We are also strict about our professionals keeping up to date, whether this is with the latest legislation, new technologies or tools for professional development.


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